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Version 8 Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 8 and cloud services.

Click here to view version 9 beta updates.

New Removed tablet pos shortcut from Windows startup folder and added the option to set automatic startup on order entry screen under Info/Tablet Settings/Other Settings help v8.17.5 2/18/2019

New Prep tickets are now printed by data service application and prep printers are installed only at the main pos station help v8.17.5 2/18/2019

New SQL Server 2014 is now installed when installing the database server on Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 v8.17.5 2/18/2019

New Released new single page online ordering service help vCloud Services 2/08/2019

New Added 3 additional full size discount reports for order item discounts grouped by order item name, server and discount name v8.14.1865 11/25/2018

New Added option to enter percentage on-time discounts v8.14.1865 11/25/2018

New Added SKU field to discounts so that coupons can be scanned on the order entry screen v8.14.1865 11/25/2018

Fix Fixed issue where data service does not update seating chart when table is deleted v8.14.1865 11/25/2018

Fix Fixed issue where data service does not save employee fingerprint scan v8.14.1865 11/25/2018

New Each discount now supports an unlimited number of menu item assignments v8.14.1763 11/20/2018

New Added 'Include Modifiers' setting to discount menu item assignment. When the discount calculation is based on percentage, specify whether to include the price of the order item's modifiers in the price before calculating the discount amount help v8.14.1763 11/20/2018

New Added the 'Deduct Before Tax' setting for menu item discounts so that it appears as a line item and is deducted from the order item price before the sales tax is applied. Refer to the multi-part discount example help topic for setup and usage help v8.14.1706 11/19/2018

New Redesigned back office discounts editor for faster loading and easier updates help v8.14.1706 11/19/2018

New Updated order entry screen modifier buttons layout for easier backup office setup & fast order entry v8.14.1599 11/13/2018

New Updated data service help topic for current users help v8.14.1251 10/10/2018

New Moved all data service shortcuts to a new desktop shortcuts subfolder v8.14.1251 10/10/2018

New Remote display application has been updated to work with data service, eliminating the requirement for a direct database connection v8.14.1251 10/10/2018

Fix Fixed issue where manually entered credit card transactions cannot be voided when using Datacap NETePay with the call center application v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Added database connection error dialog to data service application for troubleshooting database connection errors v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

Fix Fixed issue where the end of day cannot be run when using the data service application v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Pos and call center applications are now certified for EMV credit card processing with BAC Credomatic, available exclusively from LEXA S.A. DE C.V. (503) 2223-3120 v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Added prep ticket server to data service application so that prep printer installation is no longer required at each pos station help v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Added tablet server to data service application help v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Added online ordering client to data service application help v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Released call center cloud service help v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

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