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Features: Back Office

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AmigoPOS Back Office is included at no additional cost and can be run at any PC without a license. The modern user interface is built on .Net 4.5 with a user friendly layout and design. Commonly accessed back office screens include:

Summary Lists

Summary lists are used to view a filtered list of records. Various filters can be applied to focus on a specific subset of data. For example, the orders summary list can be filtered by date range, order type, server, customer, order number or order amount. Summary lists are available for:

  • Orders
  • Transactions (Payments)
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Deliveries
  • Bar Tabs
  • Gift Cards & Gift Card Transactions
  • Cash Drawer Reset Log
  • Cash Drops (Deposits) Log
  • Cash Paid Out Log
  • Server Deposits
  • Driver Deposits
  • Employee End Shift Log
  • End of Day Log
  • User Access Log

Mini Reports

Mini reports are reports that are formatted for the 80mm (3.25") receipt printer.

Full Size Reports

Full size reports are reports that are formatted for a regular printer.

Menu Items Editor

The menu items editor is used to view and edit individual regular and bar menu item settings that are displayed on property grids and grouped by setting type..

Menu Items List

The menu items list can be used to quickly adjust any regular or bar menu item setting except for modifier assignments and special price definitions.

Employee Management

Employee information, assigned job types, time sheet data, schedule data and employee activity is available on the employees list.

Job Types & Permissions

An unlimited number of job types with granular permissions can be created and edited on the Jobs & Permissions screen..

Employee Scheduler

The employee scheduler includes both a calendar and list view for easy schedule creation..

Customer Management

Customer information entered at the pos or retrieved from online orders can be viewed and edited on the customers list.

Inventory Management

Inventory items, categories, suppliers, units, aisles and recipes are available on the inventory settings screen.

Receive Inventory

Inventory items can be received by scanning a barcode, selecting the item from the list or by entering the unit, pack or case sku using the keyboard.

Program Settings

Most common program settings are accessible on the main settings screen. Setting types include:

  • Deliveries
  • Employee Banking
  • General Settings
  • Sales Tax
  • Order Entry Screen
  • Order Types
  • User Interface
  • Settle Screen
  • Manager Screen
  • Time Clock

Device Settings

Each device that is connected to the pos station is enabled and configured on the device settings screen. Devices supported by AmigoPOS include:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Caller ID Box
  • Caller ID Modem
  • Cash Drawer
  • Customer Display
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Label Printer
  • LCD Display
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Maxim iButton
  • Prep Printers
  • Receipt Printer
  • Remote Display
  • Scale