Restaurant Point of Sale Software

For fast food, table service, pizzerias, bars and night clubs

Ideal for Restaurants, Bars & Pizzerias


Features include up to 5 seating charts, table management, table-side ordering, guest name assignment and more...


Features include bar tabs with forced cutoff, existing order round reording, accurate inventory for upcharged drink orders and more...


Features include a customer information screen with previous order history, customer account, alternate address, tax status and more...

Android App

Mobile app for your Android phone or tablet.

The lightweight android app is point of sale for table-side ordering (pay-at-table coming in Q4). The app does not include pos features such as deliveries, manager screen and back office.


Integrated Credit Card Processing

Integrated EMV credit card processing with Datacap NETePay supports all major processors in North America.

Fully integrated EMV credit and debit card processing with Datacap NETePay™ for all major payment processors in North America.

AmigoPOS interfaces with Datacap NETePay™ to process credit card transactions in as little as a few seconds using your existing internet connection.

NETePay is an EMV certified application from Datacap Systems. Datacap NETePay supports dozens of plug and play EMV-ready devices depending on your payment processor's capabilities.



Works with most popular devices

Download the demo to test compatibility with your existing devices
Certified Devices

Latest Updates

17 Sep


Fixed issue where the 'add new customer' button does not appear on Android tablet and phone app.

9 Sep

New Feature

Customer receipt payments section now automatically displays the processing fee directly below the credit card transaction. Applies only to Datacap NETePay when the credit card processing fee is enabled.

5 Sep

New Feature

Add the option to append the current business day's drawer reset report(s) to the end of day report when running the end of day.

4 Sep

New Feature

Enabled caller id on the Android tablet and phone apps. Works with the Ethernet callerid box.

4 Sep

New Feature

Enabled delivery and pickup or types and added customer information screen on Android phone app

4 Sep

New Feature

Enabled delivery and pickup or types and added customer information screen on Android tablet app

4 Sep


Fixed issue where the customer information screen reorder button displays the guest check order items with transparent text.

30 Aug

New Feature

Android app reports now print to default data service receipt printer or the receipt printer defined on the settings screen.

Custom Branded Android Web Ordering App

A custom built Android app for your business with your logos, images and colors.

Offers the same features as the browser-based web ordering service. Orders are automatically received by the data service application running on the main pos station.

The app is listed under your business name in the Google Play Store which delivers app updates directly to the end user's phone.

Send messages directly to your customers from the pos.


Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Fees?

Each license is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Pos Station Licensing?

A separate license is required at each pos station where orders are submitted or customer receipt are printed. A license is not required at back office computers or remote display computers. When a pos station license is not present, the order item name, price and order totals are obscured on the order entry screen, customer receipt and prep tickets.

Tablet Pos Licensing?

Individual tablets are not licensed. A single tablet server license is used to license an unlimited number of tablets. When a tablet server license is not present, customer receipts and prep tickets will not print for orders submitted using the tablet pos.

Program Updates?

Same version updates with new features and fixes are provided at no additional cost by installing the current release. A new serial number is not required for program updates. A list of new features and fixes is available at the bottom of the download page.

Full Version Upgrades?

One major version upgrade is provided free of charge to original purchasers (for example, original version 9 purchasers will receive version 9 at no cost). In general, a major version upgrade is released every 4-5 years.

Technical Support?

Technical support is provided via support ticket. Phone support is not included with AmigoPOS. Phone support is not required and generally not recommended, as most issues can be resolved via a support ticket. Phone support can be purchased at a later date if necessary. Note that phone support is generally not helpful for hardware or network related issues, which comprise the bulk of technical support requests. There is no time limit on the evaluation version; all peripherals, devices & Datacap NETePay, ChargeItPro and OpenEdge can be tested before purchasing AmigoPOS.


Refunds are not available. Download and install the current release of AmigoPOS 9 to determine whether it is suitable for your business. There is no time limit on the demo version; all peripherals and credit card processing can be tested before purchasing AmigoPOS. The database used in the demo is identical to the full version. If you enter your menu, employees, seating charts, inventory and other information in demo mode, you can continue to use the same database with AmigoPOS 9 full version.