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Version 9 Beta Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 9, Android apps and cloud services.

Click here to view version 8 updates.

Fix Fixed issue where demo version message prints in place of modifier name on prep tickets v9.0.49 beta 3/02/2021

Fix Fixed issue where program starts slowly if many customer accounts exist v9.0.49 beta 3/02/2021

Fix Fixed customer information screen issue where on-screen keyboard is not enabled when highlighting the customer lookup search box. v9.0.43 beta 2/19/2021

New Customer emails and end of day report emails are now sent using AmigoPOS cloud services so that an smtp server is no longer required. help v9.0.42 beta 2/18/2021

Fix Various back office user interface updates and fixes. v9.0.34 beta 2/14/2021

Fix Fixed issue where delivery order check-in automatically settles order with cash payment type. v9.0.33 beta 2/09/2021

Fix Fixed issue where seating chart default room does not load at program startup v9.0.33 beta 2/09/2021

New Added option to deduct processing fee from credit card tips owed to server on server liability report v9.0.33 beta 2/09/2021

New Added option to deduct processing fee from credit card tips owed to driver on driver liability report v9.0.33 beta 2/09/2021

New Added support for multiple order recall, void, split, transfer and settle when selecting a table to view the status on the seating chart v9.0.32 beta 1/25/2021

New Added additional font sizes and styles for Epson ESC/POS prep ticket printers. v9.0.29 beta 1/10/2021

Fix Fixed issue where prep ticket double-height font size results in excessive margins on Epson ESC/POS printers. v9.0.29 beta 1/10/2021

New Added real-time menu item remaining quantity counter for regular menu items to automatically disable the order entry screen button after the predefined quantity has been sold. v9.0.22 beta 1/04/2021

New The pos station id is no longer embedded in the license and can be set on the manager screen | system | station id. v9.0.22 beta 1/04/2021

New Added option to customize seating chart table status colors. v9.0.20 beta 11/05/2020

New Added additional receipt template validation tokens. help v9.0.15 beta 11/01/2020

New Combined customers and CustomerDetails database tables into single Customers table. Each customer supports a main address/phone and an alternate address phone. v9.0.15 beta 11/01/2020

Fix Fixed activation utility signing issue to eliminate the Windows warning when installing the activation utility. v9.0.15 beta 11/01/2020

New Integrated the mobile delivery app with the pos deliveries screen for real time delivery status. v9.0.15 beta 11/01/2020

New Added real time preview to receipt template designer, which supports mutliple languages including RTL & LTR on the same receipt to comply with UAE regulations. help v9.0.10 beta 10/09/2020

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