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Version 8 Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 8 and cloud services.

Click here to view version 9 beta updates.

New Customer information screen delivery zones list now includes the zone name and delivery charge v8.12.497 8/17/2017

New Added the option to print all employee schedules simultaneously v8.12.497 8/17/2017

New Added start/end time to shift description in employee schedule entry editor v8.12.497 8/17/2017

New Added VerifyOrderTimeStamp setting that is used to prevent multiple stations from simultaneously recalling the same order. v8.12.484 8/15/2017

New Employee login cards now support a = character in the card track v8.12.471 8/12/2017

New Added the option to display an alert when an out of stock retail item is added to the order v8.12.461 8/11/2017

New Added the option to set the percentage of the screen width that is used by the guest check and menu category buttons v8.12.461 8/11/2017

Fix Fixed issue where settle screen balance due is not updated after a credit card transaction is approved when using ChargeItPro v8.12.461 8/11/2017

New Add the option to sort modifiers alphabetically instead of by button position v8.12.402 7/14/2017

Fix Fixed issue where built-in image is not displayed correctly on menu category button v8.12.402 7/14/2017

Fix Fixed issue where Mandatory Time Clock Setting is not updated v8.12.402 7/14/2017

Fix Fixed issue where new employee is not saved v8.12.402 7/14/2017

Fix Fixed issue where remote display summary does not properly sort and group items added to a recalled order v8.12.335 6/18/2017

Fix Fixed issue where inventory count screen does not allow filtering by category v8.12.335 6/18/2017

New Users of version 8.12.0 (and later) are encouraged to update to .Net 4.6.2 for better performance and reliability. vv8.12.316 6/12/2017

New Windows 7 users will be prompted to update if .Net 4.5 or later is not installed. Windows 8/8.1/10 already have .Net 4.5+ v8.12.316 6/12/2017

New Updated to Microsoft .Net 4.5 (or later) framework for better performance and reliability vv8.12.316 6/12/2017

New Numerous back office user interface updates and fixes v8.12.316 6/12/2017

New Added option for up to 3 external applications on manager screen v8.12.250 6/02/2017

New Added permission to prevent job type from changing cash drawer start amount v8.11.250 6/02/2017

New Added button to change cash drawer start amount directly from manager screen or back office v8.12.250 6/02/2017

New Added the option to change the SQL Server password v8.12.176 5/25/2017

New Added the option to create a new database with or without demo data v8.12.176 5/25/2017

New Added the option to view running SQL Server backup & restore jobs v8.12.176 5/25/2017

New Added prep ticket option to force a separate line feed cut command when using the Star TSP100 in ESC/POS mode with Asian fonts v8.12.176 5/25/2017

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