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Version 8 Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 8 and cloud services.

Click here to view version 9 beta updates.

New Added bulk email client with customizable filters v8.11.24 back office preiew 9/11/2016

New Added option to run end of day directly fromback office v8.11.24 back office preiew 9/11/2016

New Added desktop and start menu shortcuts to back office 2016 preview v8.11.24 9/11/2016

Fix Fixed issue where new fields are not added to the call center database when updating to version 8.11 or later v8.11.24 9/11/2016

New Added detailed report totals summary to Sales By Hour, Server, Order Type and Pos Station mini reports v8.11.10 8/22/2016

New Added option to email mini and full page reports from back office v8.11.10 8/22/2016

New Tax reports contain additional revenue summary fields and a detailed description of the sales totals v8.11.10 8/22/2016

New Added on-screen clock to pos v8.11.10 8/22/2016

New Updated XCharge credit card processing interface refund transactions to automatically print signature slip v8.11.8 8/15/2016

New Added back office 'Sales By Revenue Center' mini report v8.11.8 8/15/2016

Fix Updated back office mini & full size report viewers to use Consolas fixed-width font for improved appearance and printing . v8.11.8 8/15/2016

New Added new back office full sized report viewer with PDF, HTML, Excel & text file export v8.11.8 8/15/2016

New Updated back office charts with smooth horizontal scrolling, animation, printing and image export v8.11.8 8/15/2016

Fix Fixed issue where ESC/POS pole display does not reset after auto-logout v8.11.8 8/15/2016

New Amigo Pos is now certified for credit card processing with ChargeItPro v8.11.0 8/10/2016

New The "Include Tax In Gratuity Calculation" order type setting is now applied to Vat tax users v8.10.84 8/02/2016

New Added support for OpenEdge (formerly XCharge) payment processing v8.10.84 8/02/2016

New Vantiv (Mercury) now supports the Ingenico's iSC250/iPP320/iPP350/iCMP for EMV processing v8.10.0 5/31/2016

Fix Added the option to define automatic combos for fixed price fast food combo meals v8.10.73 5/30/2016

New Added up/down buttons to order entry screen scrollbar for incremental scrolling v8.10.73 5/30/2016

New Added high performance Windows tablet with Atom Z8300 and 2GB Ram to compatibility list v8.10.0 5/30/2016

New Added help topic describing the installation, setup and logo printing for the Epson TM-T20 USB printer v8.10.73 5/30/2016

New The tablet server now supports up to 20 unique tablet ids v8.10.73 5/30/2016

New Increased size of retail lookup number pad and search results buttons v8.10.73 5/30/2016

New Added an order entry screen button to send a custom order note to the prep ticket v8.10.73 5/30/2016

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