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Cash Management - AmigoPOS Restaurant POS Point Of Sale Touchscreen Software - Amigo Point Of Sale

AmigoPOS provides a complete summary of cash transactions at each pos station. Cash on hand at any pos station is available by logging in as manager and pressing the manager button at the bottom left.

A partial list of features includes:

  • MULTIPLE CASH DRAWERS (2 per pos station) can be assigned to open based on the logged-in user or hour of day
  • SERVER BANKING allows the server to hold money until the end of shift. At the end of the shift, the server prints a liability report and submits the funds. Optionally, non cash gratuities can be deducted. Using Server Deposits allows the server to submit money sporadically throughout the shift.
  • DRIVER BANKING allows the driver to hold money until a deposit is made. Typically, drivers will use the Driver Deposit to submit funds regularly to decrease the risks associated with carrying large amount of money. The driver may submit funds after returning from each trip, dudecting non-cash gratuities if required.
  • The money from the cash drawer(s) at each terminal is typically removed at the end of each shift, referred to as a DRAWER RESET. The user may be forced to perform a MANDATORY DRAWER COUNT to sepcify the currency and coins in each drawer so that a drawer count report can be included with the funds.
  • CASH PAYOUTS are used to pay vendors when items such as bread or linens are delivered. This amount is shown at the bottom of the drawer report.
  • The END OF DAY procedure is performed at the end of the business day to archive all of the current business day's tickets and transactions. For added security, the sales and transaction totals on the cash drawer reset and end of day screens can be suppressed while still allowing employees to reset the cash drawer and run the end of day.
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