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Version 8 Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 8 and cloud services.

Click here to view version 9 beta updates.

Fix Fixed issue where bar tabs are not properly filtered on order recall list v8.17.793 6/21/2021

New Various back office user interface updates for faster startup and better performance v8.17.790 2/21/2021

Fix Fixed issue where inventory markup value is displayed incorrectly in menu item inventory editor v8.17.790 2/21/2021

New Added additional font sizes and styles for Epson ESC/POS prep ticket printers. v8.17.774 1/10/2021

Fix Fixed issue where prep ticket double-height font size results in excessive margins on Epson ESC/POS printers. v8.17.774 1/10/2021

Fix Fixed issue where order discount minimum setting prevents automatic discounts from being added. v8.17.774 1/10/2021

Fix Fixed issue where some gift card swipes are not recognized when using the gift card payment method on the settle screen. v8.17.772 12/20/2020

Fix Fixed issue where prep ticket settings are not updated in data service application help v8.17.700 2/04/2020

New Added option to process Datacap NETePay credit card transactions using EMVPreauth/EMVCapture for processors that do not support EMVSale/Adjust v8.17.578 12/03/2019

Fix Fixed issue where scrollbar does not appear when recalling order from the seating chart screen v8.17.578 12/03/2019

Fix Fixed issue where drawer start amount cannot be updated v8.17.753 11/16/2019

New Added manager screen system setting to enable/disable drawer start amount prompt help v8.17.753 11/16/2019

Fix Fixed issue where pre-auth transactions cannot be captured with FDMS Rapid Connect v8.17.573 11/16/2019

New Added email and sms alerts for call center orders that are not received at the store within 5 minutes v8.17.558 11/10/2019

New Added time based pricing for businesses such as pool halls where the price is calculated per minute or hour of usage help v8.17.558 11/10/2019

New Updated Datacap EMV component to latest release dsiEMVUS 1.37 v8.17.554 11/02/2019

New A system reboot after installation is no longer required v8.17.554 11/02/2019

New Added the option to display the credit card processing fee on the signature slip. This setting should be enabled only for merchant accounts where the fee is automatically added to the transaction amount by the payment processor. help v8.17.554 11/02/2019

Fix Fixed issue where duplicate credit card signature slip is printed by data service application v8.17.551 10/29/2019

Fix Fixed issue where payment method description does not print on customer receipt v8.17.536 10/05/2019

New Updated to Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 for better performance. The .Net Framework 4.7.2 runtime requires Service Pack 1 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 users must update to Windows 8.1. help v8.17.523 10/01/2019

Fix Fixed issue where remote display does not properly display Chinese text v8.17.523 10/01/2019

New Removed prep printer font settings (double-width and double height menu item, modifier, header and footer) that are no longer used v8.17.523 10/01/2019

New Added individual font size setting for each prep printer in data service | prep ticket server | printer settings v8.17.523 10/01/2019

New Prep ticket now prints last 4 digits of order number when the 'Print Large Order Number At Bottom' setting is enabled in back office | settings | main settings | order types v8.17.523 10/01/2019

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