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Retail Items - AmigoPOS Restaurant POS Point Of Sale Touchscreen Software - Amigo Point Of Sale

AmigoPOS includes features specific to retail items. Retail items generally include packaged items that are ready to sell or items that are sold by weight.

Random weight barcodes are supported for items that are weighed on a deli scale. Most popular random weight barcode formats are supported.

A barcode can be assigned to each regular menu item so that retail items such as candy or clothing can be scanned directly on the order entry screen. Such items can be added to a retail category so that the item does not appear in a menu category and is only added to the order by scanning the barcode.

Bulk items such as frozen yogurt that are weighed at the counter are also supported. Refer to the certified hardware list for compatible counter scale.

In addition, each menu category can be configured with a minimum age so that the user is prompted to verify the customer's age before the item can be added to the order.

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