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Version 8 Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 8 and cloud services.

Click here to view version 9 beta updates.

New Added Tablet Pos (Data Service) shortcut to desktop shortcuts folder in order to use the tablet pos with the data service application v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Added option to use 3CX PBX caller id with pos and call center applications v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

New Google Maps now requires an API key for mapping and geocoordinates. Complete the steps at to obtain an API key and configure it for use with AmigoPOS help v8.14.1213 10/06/2018

Fix Fixed issue where scanning the barcode on the customer receipt does not filter the order recall list v8.14.718 7/16/2018

New Released Cloud-Based Call Center Service (beta) that links the call center to the pos via a cloud service running on Microsoft Azure and no longer requires a VPN v8.14.712 7/13/2018

New Added the option to charge bottle deposits on regular and bar menu items v8.14.712 7/13/2018

New Released Data Service (beta) that eliminates the need for a direct database connection from the pos or back office applications and replaces the tablet server, online ordering client and call center client v8.14.712 7/13/2018

New Updated help file to properly display images on mobile phone browsers v8.14.712 7/13/2018

New Replaced toast notification popup to fix issue caused by Windows 10 build 1803 April update where toast notifications cause right side of screen to stop responding to touch input v8.14.439 5/16/2018

Fix Fixed issue where back office summary grids delete button is not disabled when the 'Allow Back Office Delete' permission is not enabled v8.14.390 5/10/2018

New Added the option to print an extra line feed and/or line separator after each order item on the prep ticket v8.14.390 5/10/2018

New Added the option to find & replace text in order to prevent profanity or inappropriate words from being entered on the misc item screen, customer information screen, new bar tab screen and on-screen keyboard v8.14.390 5/10/2018

New Improved scrolling on seating chart editor for lower screen resolutions v8.14.390 5/10/2018

Fix Fixed issue where vat tax setting is not updated on back office settings screen v8.14.390 5/10/2018

New Added order entry screen search button to quickly filter the regular and bar menus by item name v8.12.1468 2/16/2018

New Updated scrollbars for smoother scrolling on tablets and multi-touch screens v8.12.1468 2/16/2018

Fix Fixed issue where orders cannot be split evenly v8.12.1468 2/16/2018

New Added call center filter button to order recall list v8.12.1394 2/11/2018

New Added the option to filter the order recall list by name, address, phone or bar tab name v8.12.1394 2/11/2018

Fix Fixed issue where modifier items are not saved correctly when copying a modifier group v8.12.1298 2/07/2018

New Added setting to specify the order type used for customer account payments v8.12.1298 2/07/2018

New Various back office user interface performance improvements v8.12.1298 2/07/2018

New When submitting a customer account payment, the payment is now automatically opened on the settle screen v8.12.1298 2/07/2018

New Added option to print Total Before VAT line on customer receipt v8.12.1298 2/07/2018

New Updated call center user interface with order status color coding and various new features for faster order entry v8.12.1273 1/31/2018

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