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Prep Tickets - AmigoPOS Restaurant POS Point Of Sale Touchscreen Software - Amigo Point Of Sale

Prep tickets are automatically printed by the prep ticket server in the data service application at printers located in the kitchen, bagging station, bar or other order preparation areas.

The prep ticket is highly customizable and can be printed on either an Epson ESC/POS or Star Line mode compatible printer. Both impact and thermal printers are supported, but impact printers are preferred in areas with excessive heat.

Up to 10 prep printers are supported. Each regular and bar menu item can be configured to print to up to 10 prep printers.

Most settings are shared between all prep printers for easy configuration and management.

A post print command can be specified for each prep printer so that the command is sent when the print job completes. The command is often used to power connected devices such as a buzzer.

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