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Version 8 Program Updates

The following is a list of updates and fixes for AmigoPOS 8 and cloud services.

Click here to view version 9 beta updates.

New Customer Lookup Screen: Updated customer information screen for faster searches by customer name or phone. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Back Office: Removed all references to MS Jet database on database configuration screen. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Customer Receipt Voids: Added Void text to top and bottom of customer receipt. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Back Office: Fixed issue where back office does not shut down correctly if launched from within POS. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Mini Report Printing: Fixed issue where mini reports were printed with to line feed/cut commands. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Modifier Levels: Fixed issue where modifier levels are not printed correctly on prep tickets. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Back Office: Fixed issue where some back office data grids did not resize correctly. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Caller ID Box: Fixed issue where caller id box with serial interface is not recognized. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Delivery SMS: Added the option to automatically send customer SMS confirmation when delivery is sent out with driver. Currently for email... v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Customer Receipt Test: Fixed issue where customer receipt test could not be run from back office peripherals screen. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Auto-Logout: Added option to disable auto-logout by setting the logout interval to zero. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Installer: Installer will now force overwrite files that are in use at next reboot. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix On-Screen Keyboard: Fixed issue where on-screen keyboard does not appear on login and message screens. v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Licensing: Fixed issue where a program restart is required to reactivate software. Note that a new serial number is required for all beta... v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Back Office: Fixed issue where where back office lists do not display rows correctly. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Translations: Added missing translations for order entry and settle screens. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Licensing: Added separate screen for activation that will appear when running full version with no serial number. v8.0 3/16/2014

New Menu Items: Increased button position drop-down list to 200 v8.0 3/16/2014

New Web Orders: Added email and sms customer notifications v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Cash Drawers: Fixed cash drawer open error for Epson printer-driven drawers v8.0 3/16/2014

Fix Customer Information Screen: Fixed screen resize issue when viewing customer info screen for delivery and pickup orders v8.0 3/16/2014

New Login Screen Shutdown Buttons: Added option to disable Windows Reboot and Shutdown buttons in back office |configuration | system | user interface v8.0 3/16/2014

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