Refunds are not available. Download and install the current release of AmigoPOS 8 to determine whether it is suitable for your business. There is no time limit on the demo version; all peripherals and credit card processing can be tested before purchasing AmigoPOS. The database used in the demo and licensed is identical. If you enter your menu, employees, seating charts, inventory and other information in the demo mode, you can continue to use the same database with AmigoPOS 8 full version.


Technical support is provided via support ticket. Phone support is not included with AmigoPOS. Phone support is not required and generally not recommended, as most issues can be resolved via a support ticket. Phone support can be purchased at a later date if necessary. Note that phone support is generally not helpful for hardware or network related issues, which comprise the bulk of technical support requests. There is no time limit on the evaluation version; all peripherals, devices & Datacap NETePay, ChargeItPro and OpenEdge can be tested before purchasing AmigoPOS.


Same version updates with new features and fixes are provided at no additional cost by installing the current release. A new serial number is not required for program updates. A list of new features and fixes is available at the bottom of the download page.


One major version upgrade is provided free of charge to original purchasers (for example, original version 8 purchasers receive version 9 upgrade free). In general, a major version upgrade is released every 2-3 years.