• Once every 3 months for up to 5 devices



  • Once per week for up to 5 devices



  • Once per month for up to 5 devices
Purchase Information
Schedule maintenance sessions require a broadband internet connection. An attended remote connection client is available so that maintenance can be performance during off hours. Each scheduled maintenance session includes the following:
  • Run Windows Update to download & install the latest updates from Microsoft
  • Update AmigoPOS to the latest release
  • Run database maintenance scripts to rebuild the database indices and optimize database performance
  • Review the program error log and correct any issues with the .Net Framework, database or program settings
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Maintenance Interval
Select the number of maintenance sessions over the course of 12 calendar months
Pos Stations, Tablets, Back Office PCs & Remote Display PCs
Select the number of pos stations, tablets, back office pcs and remote display pcs (up to 5 included - $5/session for each additional device)